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What is Hearts of Dorkness?


On May 25th, 2012, the 35th Anniversary of the release of the original Star Wars, Patrick Read Johnson, departed Wadsworth, Illinois, in the film’s 1975 Ford Pinto, and began a 30-day cross-country/road-trip/fundraising campaign odyssey designed to finally bring his long-awaited film to the screen.

His goal?  To raise the funds needed to finish 5-25-77 with a multi-media adventure which was  documented, and made available, here on this website, (in addition to through all the other HOD social network avenues). The best moments of the adventure will finally be compiled and sculpted into a documentary:  Hearts of Dorkness, to be released in conjunction with the DVD of 5-25-77.

PRJ and the Hearts of Dorkness team visited places that have inspired the dreams of sci-fi fans and filmmakers alike.  Devil’s Tower, Wyoming-- Meteor Crater,  Arizona-- Roswell, New Mexico...

Along the way,  Patrick test screened a working cut of the 5-25-77 in small-town theaters, living rooms, on a hand-strung screen under the stars--going directly to the source--the film’s target audience--to find out what they think about 5-25-77, and to get their opinions about how to land at the best final cut of the film.

What was intended to be a 30-day road trip during the summer became a 143-day odyssey stretching into the fall, and was ultimately brought  to a close in the middle of October 2012 when the call of dreams colliding with reality caused Patrick to switch gears once he reached Los Angeles.

Though at the end of the road trip, Patrick did not reach the funding goals for 5-25-77--and it still remains that he visit the 3 very important people who were influential in his development as a filmmaker, and deliver copies of his film to them--Patrick did succeed in raising awareness about his film, breathing new life into 5-25-77’s want-to-see factor, and energizing longtime and new fans... All of this building more momentum every day toward a bright fate for  5-25-77...

Richard Dreyfuss in Close Encounters of the Third Kind is uncontrollably fixated by the land formation that is Devil’s Tower, in Wyoming.

Charelton Heston’s crew in  Planet of the Apes escape their sinking spaceship in the waters of Lake Powell, which spans Utah and Arizona.

More on Patrick Read Johnson’s Ultimate Trip:

Patrick Read Johnson on the set of 5-25-77, in Wildwood, IL. 2004


In the summer of 2012, Patrick Read Johnson trekked across America in his 1975 Ford Pinto to save his film, 5-25-77! We--The Hearts of Dorkness team--followed along with him, recording his experiences, and sharing them with you, here on this website!

And now, Hearts of Dorkness, directed and produced by Morgan Flores, will become a feature documentary compiling the best--and worst--moments of the road trip, along with an exploration of the making-of 5-25-77.

The Hearts of Dorkness 5-25-77 Road Tour was fueled entirely by donations. HOD will soon be launching a new FundRazr to help raise money to cover the costs of post production. In the meantime, if you want donate to Hearts of Dorkness please click on the “Keep Us Rolling” button above to go to the Hearts of Dorkness  Road Trip FundRazr , which was our main donation site this summer.